What happens when you return a pair of shoes to Toms? With Ryan Larson and Dani Baez.

Sometimes your relentless optimism makes life better. And sometimes it just scares the Hell out of your friends. With Ryan Larson, Vanessa Dewing, and Kurt McIlwee.

Check out Renee and Ryan singing Popcorn from Little By Little! So excited to share this video. 

After the destruction of Starkiller Base, a stormtrooper sets out to find a new job. Featuring: Renee Wylder as the young mother Melissa Romeo as the sales exec Josh Teasley as the actor Justin Smith as the director and Ryan Larson as the stormtrooper 

Short film about relationships, arguments, and slight bending of the truth.  With Ryan Larson, Renee Wylder, and Kevin Scott.

This commercial was shot by the talented Jesse burton for Interactive Brokers.

Ryan Larson performing "Dirty Looks" monologue at an acting showcase

"Labels" is a short film I wrote and directed as an exercise for a class. It started as a class assignment evolved into a passion project with a relevant message to share with the world. This is about the judgment and labels we place on others and on ourselves, where they come from, and the choice of what we do with them.

This was a short film made by myself and Kimberly Connolly. On the way home, we found a piñata in the street and had an idea. This film was shot on an iPhone 4 in about 10 minutes and edited in a little over an hour. Enjoy